Sunday, September 13, 2009

Give Me Back My Week!

Okay where have they gone?? What have you done with them?? What happened to the rest of the week? After starting the week in the usual way I cruised into Thursday with the smugness of one who had plenty of time to do all those little jobs I had jotted down on my trusty clipboard. Its the way to go, making lists, especially since those moments of fuzzy, hazy vagueness seem to descent upon me more frequently these days. Friday was a big one with hubby and I taking a trip down to Newtown to park the car at Jess's and jumping on a train to Edgecliff to get our Visa's for Vietnam. Too easy. There and back in an hour. Then onto lunch at the Dumpling King and a quick tour of the shops and with Kev I mean quick. I had heard about this Button Shop so of course that was the priority. The girls in the shop let me take a photo but there was so many buttons I would have needed a wide angle lens, I tried my best but if you want to see more you'll have to go and see for yourself. The button shop was not the only treasure I found, but a hand made paper shop and a shop chock full of fantastic turkish plates. Unfortunately being dragged back to the car kicking and screaming is not a good look so I went placidly with the vow and promise to explore another day, hopefully, minus Kev.

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Allambi56 said...

Hi your blogspot and the lovely pink layout of the page design.

Agree re button display - beautiful - and men just don't get it do they???!!!