Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Birthday EVER!

I have just had the bestest birthday ever! It started out with hubby and I travelling down to Sydney to meet up with my darling daughter. A short taxi ride saw us excitedly embarking on what I called my pilgrimage to Mecca. Woollara is a foodie's heaven. It's the home of Simon Johnson, Donna Hay and the most incredable butcher shop I have ever seen. Next it was onto High Tea at the Victoria Rooms in Darlinghurst, just daughter and I, which was a special treat from Jess for my birthday. A short walk through Hyde Park to check out Jess's office and then back to Newtown to indulge in a cocktail made by my beautiful boy. Finally finishing with dinner with hubby and back to the hotel exhausted after a big day. Breakfast with the kids and then home. Lastly I had drinks with three of my besties and a take away thai for dinner. Fantastic! Thankyou to all who were instrumental in making this one brilliant birthday.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Helloooooo from beyond

Hello my friends, if you are seeing any spelling mistakes we must blame the fact that I'm sporting a recent injury. Being a super chef isn't so hot when you cut little chunks out of the middle of your finger nail. Not nice at all! No sympathy from my fellow class mates. Yes and I was very brave and didn't DARE pass out, which I have been known to do on previous occasions. Its all going very well, now. I was very daunted at first. All the theory was a little scarewee but now I know whats expected I'm settling down a bit. The cooking part isn't so bad but you know when you have cooked the most basic thing for the whole of your life and can even knock it up in your sleep and it turns out perfect every time, well that doesn't happen in class. I failed crumbed chicken!!! The teacher even said that if he had been given it at a restaurant, he would send it back!!! Gasp! And as for quiche, failed that as well, but I can knock up a mean Cabernet jus. Thank you all for your enquiries on how things are going. Yes I can finally say that I am enjoying the course. My class mates are an eclectic mix. The young ones are soooo funny.

Here are some little cards, nothing earth moving but I am working on some ATC's at the moment, my first ones so I'll be asking for your opinions on these. As soon as I can I'll post some pictures. Meanwhile............

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In between cooking and studying and doing exams I managed to fit in a challenge. This months Inkurables challenge is Metallics so here's my entry, now if only I can remember how I did the background...........

Wooden Tag was base coated in an olive green paint and sanded back. I then sprayed over the whole piece with green Matisse ink and gave it a blast with the heat gun. Next came a generous spray of Matisse copper ink and made it quite wet then blasted it quite closely with the heat gun which caused some parts to crack. Gave it another sand then stamped over it with Inkadinkadoo (I think) Rockstar. The frame is grunge board treated the same way as the base. The mask and other emphemera is from an old brooch which broke (I was devastated!).