Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be gentle with me.

Today I gave blood. This isn't the most thrilling past time for me but its very satisfying and no I don't do it just for the lollies. Did you know that it took 150 donations of blood to help Glenn Orgias survive. Glenn was the surfer who was attacked by a shark at Bondi last summer. I just hate that sometimes I get a little faint but then I think of all those people who are worse off than me and I just feel a little silly.


Gai-Louise said...


GL here... I've had a nice little poke around in here. Very nice. Of course, I shall be checking back to see if you donate again in 12 weeks. Perhaps we should not donate at the beginning of your day next time though.. fainting is so last season!

I am intrigued by you art... you must tell me more next time I'm in.

Cheers, GL

Gai-Louise said...

you=your... soz

Rossylalah said...

Thanks GL Thanks for taking the time out to check things out. See you soon