Monday, March 26, 2012

The Time Waster

George the time waster.  But I did whip up a couple of cards.  Maybe soon I'll get round to doing a couple of journal pages.  There just never seems enough time......

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We've adopted!

Hi everyone

Yes we have, we've adopted!  Fourteen months after we lost our darling Narla we now have a new purpose to get up in the morning.  Meet George.  Not his RSPCA name but a new name that I think suits him better.  I picked it because its been splashed about that he is an English Setter, mmmmm, anyhoo english, King George, Boy George, George Clooney (american admittedly).  Kev reckons it after George of the jungle cos he's such a klutz.  In the 24 hours since George has resided with us this is what I have found out:  He likes to chew thongs, the corner and tassles off all the pillows, would rather sleep on the outside lounge instead of the expensive bed we purchased, loves to chase birds, HATES the lawn mower, always wants to sit on your lap, is NOT house trained, loves the beach and going for a walk and just generally wants to please.  I think after a little love and direction he'll be a fantastic dog!