Sunday, January 30, 2011

A heavy heart

It's with a very sad and heavy heart that I tell you that we lost our beautiful Narla today. She suffered an internal bleed and thankfully she was in no pain and didn't suffer. What a beautiful companion she was to hubby and I. She will be greatly missed.


Jenxo said...

oh Ros im so sorry , pets are like part of the family, you will miss her but im glad she didnt suffer....hugs to

Lesley said...

Oh Ros, I am so sorry for your loss.
Remember all the good times and in the near future they will make you smile.
I am glad Narla didn't suffer.
Take care, Lesley

Janine said...

I'm bringing some time at your blog and read this item, I'm so sorry to hear that your dog, you friend died. I'm too a doglover, ous Sjuul a golden retriever is now 5 years old. Our dog friend before here, Baer, was 13 when she died. Every time I read that someone elses dog died, I crie a little with them, because I know what it means, losing a dogfriend. So take care, best wishes from Janine