Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Four Happy Chipmunks

Lynn Karen Ros Cheryl

Its way too hard to feel any sort of happy vibes at the moment what with the TV showing the devastation the floods have caused in Queensland. Just for a small amount of time though a couple of friends and myself got together to oooh, aaahhhh, pat, purr, and salivate over our friend Lynn's recent blog win from Lesley over at Harmony Road Studio. They look even better in the flesh and we couldn't stop looking at them! It seemed surreal to think that these gorgeous pieces of art were created by a person from the other side of the world! Thanks Lesley, although it was Lynn's win we all benefitted! We have hopes of getting together again to create a few tags of our own, if we can only stop looking at them!
On another note I'd like to tell you about some amazing artists who are helping to raise money for the flood victims. Take a visit to Jillygg as she has organized a silent auction of some fantastic artwork from some very talented and generous artists.


Jenxo said...

how lucky was lynne to win those tags from the talented mis les!!
glad you are safe, its all just so devastating.

ive got my paddle number...:)there are some great artworks up for auction....

jenny said...

Oh lucky Lynne... it is always exciting to win beautiful things...
How wonderful are these girls to organize the silent auction... awesome idea and for such a great cause :)))

Jenny x