Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogging from Afar

I'm thinking that perhaps you are getting a mite bored with the travel scene. Am I right?? I love technology, it means that while I'm here in VietNam I can still communicate with you from my trusty laptop. Darling husband is snoring in bed after an exhausting day touring/shopping. He is getting quite the reputation here in Hoi An. The local shop keepers all want him to buy because for some strange reason they think he is a "happy Buddha"and will bring them good luck, don't know how they come to that conclusion! So I am looking amongst some photos and came across a tag that I don't think I have posted yet so here tis. Oh and I forgot to tell you, we are going to cooking school tomorrow!!!!

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Pam Aries said...

NEVER bored with travelin news..I thin kit is awesome that you are doing this! Can't wait t osee what you cook up!