Wednesday, April 25, 2012

yeyy!! I did it!!!

Thanks everyone for your concern.  As it turns out, I thought I had downloaded Google Chrome, but I didn't! So....I downloaded it again and Voila! Gawd I hope it doesn't have repercussions.  I still am a little miffed that blogger decided to change everything without giving us the choice. Here are a few little cards to celebrate and a touch of George, oh and maybe a journal page and ....

Pillow??? What pillow??

 little gift cards for Trin

Journal Page
On this note, I wonder if anyone can suggest a few sayings for this page.  I know a few of you are good at this (read Jen Jenny Les) where do you get your inspirational sayings from?


shirley said...

Looks like you have been busy Ros.
Pretty gift cards :)
Love your journal page with the clock.
How about 'So much to do, so little time'
Stampotique swap will be in the post tomorrow.

Jenxo said...

yey so glad you got it to work...cant understand ahy mine is still ok ?!! hah love your journal page...mine just pop into my head when i am soon as i saw yours this popped in....'her time was NOW!!'

gotta love the puppy stage...

Lyn S said...

Gorgeous cards Ros, I really love the colours, and the journal page is fab!

I agree with you regarding Blogger, not happy with them changing things...and causing problems!

Just a wee suggestion, since you already have comment moderation, would you mind turning off the word verification thing - I find it really difficult to decipher since Blogger changed it to two words.

Lynn said...

She could be late - for a very important date. It looks great Ros