Saturday, June 23, 2012


Are you still talking to me.  I've been neglectful.  I look at all you lovely blog people and see all the lovely things that you do, oh what a inspiration you all are!  I hope you haven't given up on me.  I do have a couple of excuses though. Apart from a husband being in hospital for four and a half weeks with a perforated gall bladder, a daughter going to London to work for two years and of course the gorgeous George!  Its no secret that I'm a hibernater in winter, I hate the cold.
 A big shout out for Jenny and Jen for their amazing market stall, I am soooo in awe of those girls.  Not only the fact that they were able to show case such classy work but to be so dedicated to brave the cold like that. Amazing!!

Just a couple of photos to share:

 Gift Cards

 Jess & Lachlan
 We're a little teary here
An angel in Wolf's clothing


Lyn S said...

Gorgeous cards Ros!

Hope your hubby is on the mend now too!

Jenxo said...

aww youre a sweetie ros :)
ive missed you !
ive turned into slack blogger too since 29 faces finished....

a perforated gall bladder is terrible ros, hope hubby is on the mend now....
saying goodbye is not easy either., ill be doing that again next year :)

love your gift cards too :)

shirley said...

No...I'm not talking to you! LOL...only kidding ;)

I have been very slack with the blog.
My hubby ended up back in hospital last week..just came out this afternoon after 8 days. Had a fever most of that time. All okay now.
Hope your hubby is feeling much better...long time in hospital.
George has grown and so cute too!
Gorgeous cards Ros :)

Lizzy Hill said...

They are lovely poor thing... 4 weeks in hossy is a LOT of visiting...& 2 years overseas is a long time. Hope you can get over there to visit her. Now, that would be good:):) And yes, it's cold up here. We just got back from Vanuatu....Central Coast is FREEZING in comparison!!!:):):)

Carola Bartz said...

Such beautiful cards! I hope your husband feels better soon, gall bladder problems are no fun! Hopefully he is not in too much pain.