Sunday, April 22, 2012

It'll be alright in the end

Grrrrr I DON'T like this new blogger layout! Talking about a time waster. Normally Idon't mind playing around on the computer but I must admit this new blogger stuff is making me CRANKY! Is anyone else having the same problems as me? When I go to write a new post, the (writing box) is covering the toolbar. I can only just get the smallest glimpse of it and cannot move it up or the box down. SCREAM! HELP!!!!


Jenny said...

It certainly is different Ros... I'm not sure what is happening with the text box though... because when I posted last night... the box was quite large... whether adding pictures made it that way, I don't know... I hope someone has the answer... and I am seeing a lot of bloggers writing that they are feeling the same way...

Jenny x

Lizzy Hill said...

Sorry...can't help....I really won't be changing blogger anytime soon 'cos I can imagine how frustrating it is...hope someone out here can help you:):) Breathe deep. Eat chocolate. That might help:):):)

Lesley said...

Ros Here I am and I feel the same way. I had the same trouble posting as you.
I went to comment over at Jenny's blog and then I got a window that said IE can't display the window...huh??? what the heck is going on.....I dislike the new blogger, I think some people haven't been changed over yet, I didn't do it myself I went one day last week and they did it for me...golly I can't thank Blogger enough....NOT.
I sent a message how I disliked it but they won't answer back, I think if we all send them something then maybe they will get the message. It was working fine the way it was....some idiot didn't have anything to do one day and came up with this *&^%*^
Better stop, I am on a rampage....LOL
Thanks for dropping by....Les♥

shirley said...

Hi Ros. I am hoping to post something on my blog this week. Will let you know how I go...fingers crossed!