Sunday, November 27, 2011

*Squeal* Santa came early!!

I've been hinting for quite awhile now about the possiblity of owning a bike.  After-all we do live on a lake which boasts one of the best bike tracks on the coast.  Lord knows I really need a reason to exercise now my darling dog has gone.  So when Kev asked me to meet him at the local bike shop to check out a bike I knew, just knew there really is a Santa Claus!  Meet IVY, isn't she gorgeous!  I finally got to go for a ride today as the rain has been pelting down all week and guess what happened?  No I didn't fall off.  About a hour from home, FLAT TYRE! sigh. Just a small set back, I'll be back biking before ya know it.


shirley said...

Very cute Ros!
Shame about the flat tyre so soon.
As least the rain has disappeared for now.

Sorrento said...

Welcome Ivey, we might be able to get together for a spin around the lake.

Mim said...

Very cool - I miss riding but have to admit that the bike has been in the garage since we moved to this very hilly part of Melbourne.. one day I shall work up the courage to take my life into my hands and head off down the hill!