Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Kindly Reminder

You'd think I'd get a sick of making these little guys wouldn't you??  But they're just so quick and I am not so inclined to be in the studio for too long on these cold cold days.  As I was cruisin some other blogs I came across someone who cruelly reminded me that it maybe time to start some Christmas cards! (you know who you are).  Don't get me wrong, I lurve Christmas, but you're talkin to someone here, that although I made some lovely cards last christmas, I just didn't get round to sending out any!!!!  Thanks for the reminder Shirley!  If I start now I should be finished in time to post by 24th Dec.  Meanwhile......


shirley said...


AWWW come on...toughen up and put some extra layers on!
I challenge you Ros to do some one layer Christmas cards!I bet once you do one...you will be addicted and have many ready to send out! LOL!
PS: LOve your "quick" cards!

Lynn said...

You have excelled yourself - they are really gorgeous. Your colours