Monday, May 2, 2011

I had the best time

My friend Lynn and I had the privilege to participate in a workshop held at Pages2scrap
I'm sure I speak for Lynn when I say that we had a great time and learnt so much. Nathalie was a lovely teacher and what an awesome job she has! Try travelling around the world teaching your stuff to eager aspiring artists! Yes please! In the top photo is me and Nathalie and my creation. If you can (not sure if it will work) click on the picture to enlarge and check the awesome saying that is written on the wall. Now I've got to say also that this piece is a work in progress and as I have been known to say, "One doesn't really do one's best work in a workshop", but really I was quite happy with the results.
In the top photo is myself and Nathalie. I am the one in black holding the picture but what I think is cool is the saying behind us, it reads, "To think creatively we must be able to LOOK afresh at what we normally take for granted".


Jenny said...

Wow Ros... how exciting... I love Nathalie's work... love your pic and your page is gorgeous... couldn't get it to enlarge but what I can see is wonderful...

Jenny x

shirley said...

Awesome art Ros!

Janine said...

wow, how great this look and what a fun time you both had, I love the effect at the blue work, sadley I can not enlarge it, and who is who? ☺ have a great week, kind regards from Janine

Emakesart said...

Look how pretty and stylish you are! And I love your creation... it's gorgeous!!! What did you use to create the texture? So pretty!

Thanks for sharing that great quote too.