Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've just rediscovered Angelina! Remember back on Princess Frou Frou? The wish tag was covered with a shiny substance? I had actually done the tag awhile ago while playing around with Angelina but I didn't realize how good it looked until I attached it to a coloured card. Then a friend gave me some of her Angelina in a different colour so I went to work. Hope you get something from the pictures and I hope I can explain a little along the way. I might add though, I wasn't quite happy with how the butterflies turned out. I think I will play around a bit more and use grunge paper next time. Also I don't think the embossing is all that necessary. If you would like to purchase some Angelina my other best friend (LOL) Lynn kindly found out for me that you can purchase it through Interweave, you know the people that publish Cloth Paper Scissors. Another supplier is . If you would like to see some more inspiring work go to Linda Baldock's blog. Check out some of her tutorials as well. So here we go.

Spray or paint card board or grunge paper with colour

Cut and emboss required shape (althought the embossing can get a little lost on the end result) Paint a generous coat of Gel Medium Cover with Angelina film and cut around edges. As you heat with the heat gun you will see that the edges will curl around the back of the card. I am a little heavy handed with the heat gun so mine have a few holes but I tend to like the effect.
You can make the wings stand up while the film is still warm. Hope you find this interesting and after playing around I have come across some great colours. So don't be afraid to experiment!


Painting Tips and Tricks said...

Great work! The end-product or the butterfly looks so fascinating! As you have or haven't known I have a painting blog. If you aren't doing anything you could drop by anytime. Thanks!

shirley said...

WOW! The colours are gorgeous!Love the last one.
I recently bought some Angelina/Fibres.
Have never used this before, so thank you for the great tutorial!

Jenxo said...

oh lovely ros, they look wonderful...

Janine said...

so nice colours, we have in this weekend a stampfair, so I'll look for this product too, my list what to buy is going on and on, hahaa, have a nice day, best wishes from Janine

Lesley said...

Thanks Ros for a great tut, not toot. LOL
I must look for some in my local fabric store. I am sure it is somewhere over here.
Love the effect.
Les xo

Emakesart said...

I've never heard of the stuff, but now I want to try it! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Lyn S said...

Gorgeous butterflies Ros! You've reminded me that I have some Angelina as well......should get it out and use it!