Thursday, August 5, 2010

So much going on.

At the moment we are negotiating about selling our house. It's such a long and drawn out process to-ing and fro-ing about price. How do you put a price on 22 years of memories? After having a mini meltdown the other morning, I have realized that its the right thing to do and it's time for us to move on. Now its just a matter of getting rid of 22 years of accumulated crap! The photo I leave you with today isn't of my house, instead it's a photo of one of my very favorite places. It's where I escape too when things get too hard.


Lynn said...

time to step through the moon gate instead of looking through wondering. Change is challenging but you can make it... but if you need a drinking partner I am always available (LOL)

Jenxo said...

Id be the same Ros and am attempting big clear outs as it getting me down. We just have too much stuff!! i hope your house sale goes thru smoothly and you find somewhere really special to, i want a gypsy caravan and two clydies so i can leave it all behind...jenxo