Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things are a little quiet (artwise) around here

As you know I'm training to be a chef. Most of my creativity has been channelled into my cooking lately. Sad but true. Yesterday it was a 3:00am start and it was off to the Sydney Fish Markets for a school excursion to learn all about fish and crustaceans. As a lover of any seafood it was a real eye-opener into how it actually gets to our table. I certainly have a new appreciation and the reason why some seafood is so costly. Afterwards it was onto the taping of READY STEADY COOK. It was a great experience, and, we got a goody bag and a photo!!

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Jenxo said...

oh what fun , i dont know about the 3am start tho!! bet the taping was fun, i like watching that show...jenxo