Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Survived!

Well I survived my first week at TAFE! Its pretty full on and we are learning some pretty interesting information about food safety, so much so, that I came home and threw everything out of the fridge! I now know about precision cuts ie: julienne, brunoise and paysanne, and how to turn a potatoe and a carrot. How did I ever get through life not knowing this!! I'm sure its all going to be worth it in the end. Enough of my dribble though, here are some latest cards I just whipped up.


Lynn said...

Lovely cards, love your work and love what you did with our pear.

Jenxo said...

wish i could whip up cards lik ethat!!

glad you are enjoying Tafe, it will be a whole new world...jenxo

Pam Aries said...

Woo hoo! You are just a creative Queen! you must be loving the cuisine classes. Wow! And your art cards are awesome too!