Monday, August 31, 2009

Manic Inspiration Overload!

Here's the thing, I am going through a manic or is that maniac stage at the moment. I think it may have something to do with me starting my own blog after reading Tara Frey's Blogging for Bliss book. Everywhere I look I'm thinking "I'll take a photo of that for the blog" or "I'll write about that on the blog" is this normal?? Anyway dear friends you're safe. I am getting my thoughts sorted and giving them a good talking to. So I thought I would at least share some of my art work with you so you can see that I actually do create, abet a little slower than I used to be but I can do it when there is a purpose to the end. Above is a photo of a mixed media piece I conjured up for my gal pal Julie. I was pleased with it as I used a few techniques that I hadn't used before and although it was a little trial and error it turned out a good exercise of learning. I don't know if I have mentioned yet (no of course I haven't) but I am completely happy to answer any questions about how to do the above mentioned piece.

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